Our Founders

Thomas Bersani MD and Robert Weisenthal MD each have busy private practices and are also professors of ophthalmology at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.  Both donate their time generously to teaching, research and patient charity care in Syracuse.  They have also dedicated the time to volunteer for 1-2 weeks per year for over 30 years in La Ceiba, Honduras, Central America.

There are many other physicians, nurses, technicians, and general helpers that have donated their time, skill and caring to provide eye care to the needy people of Honduras.  Very significant among them are those listed below.  Please forgive any omissions.


Ted Smith MD                       Debbie Miller Kazubowski RN          Jennifer Weisenthal

Lawrence Stewart MD            Maria Ware RN                                 Doug Tiedemann

Walter Merriam MD              Mary DiMauro RN                            Dana Hall

Evis Petrella MD                    Cathy Kelley RN                                Deb Lemay ST

Jon Haymore MD                  Jean Nagy ST                                     Carol Welsh

Robert Hill MD                     Mary Conway RN                             Rachel Drury

Christian Bersani                    Paul Schwartz OD                             Jill Baker ST

Joan Christy                           Alexandra Bersani                              Karen Winter OD

Jean Kerr OT                          Brian Sedlack                                    Steven Feltus OD

Evy Korbas OT                       Michelle Bersani                               Chris Kelley

Ben Weisenthal                       Sam Weisenthal                                Jake Weisenthal

Veronica Haymore                  Sebastian Bersani                              Kevin Walsh MD

Jim Strauss BCO                     Adam Bersani                                   Jennifer Wallace

Youbert Howil MD                 Claudia Reider RN                          Will Bersani

Chris Hall                               Gard Lorey DDS                             Karen Michaels RN

Kevin Strauss                           Anshu Chandra OD                       Jennifer Cramer OD

Nicholas Stewart                     Martha Feltus                                  Don O’Toole

Alejandra Molino                    Liz O’Toole                                     David Strauss